As a person, I have always had an inclination towards comprehending the science of human physiology. Being a type 1 diabetic for more than 14 years now has had a definite impact on my decision of acquiring such knowledge. Having learnt about diabetes  through my struggle in keeping it in check, I have learned the process of making positive and healthy lifestyle changes and turning them into a lifelong habit and experiencing the benefits first-hand.

Working in the fitness industry since 2010, has given me an experience, which together with a balanced approach and a knowledgeable background helped me work with a wide range of clients. My areas of expertise became: body re-composition (fat loss in favour of muscle gain), sport and fitness performance and certain rehabilitation processes (lower back pain issues, knee and ankle injuries). I hold a REPs Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training and I am a qualified Body Building instructor.

Apart from that, I am also a keen learner who likes problem solving and challenge.  A great part of my training has been influenced by basketball which I have played for 17 year now.  My main interests are picking up new sports – climbing and gymnastics, reading and furthering my knowledge, healthy cooking and trips to the mountains.



1. You are always my challenge and number one project.

No matter what your goals are, whatever your biggest fitness or diet struggle is, I will always do my best to bring the solution to it. Sometimes this can be an introduction to some new and exciting exercise but also attempts to establish beneficial lifestyle habit like cooking or shopping with you. Whatever holds you there but is within your reach – all to get you to your desired goal.


2. You deserve to know the science behind anything you have been introduced to

Anything new I encourage you to pursue with regard to your transformation will have a considerate reason that I will make clear to you. I believe that the process of learning should involve a comprehensive explanation on the exact use and benefit of each and every new skill mastered and I promise to instil such understanding in you.


3. 100% of your engagement

I am not asking for 100% of your time however when we are together I will need 100% of your attention and effort while putting all ideas into action. This means to abandon reactive character (reasons ‘why I will not do this’) and implement a pro-active thinking (‘what should I do in order to get there’). After a while, your new positive attitude towards challenges will be working to your advantage and getting you closer to achieving your goal.


4. Consistency, frequency and variety

Consistency is the key in accomplishing every process and the way to consistency lies in sticking to frequent day to day practice of positive habits. Once, these two combine and provide you with a solid foundation, variety can come into play. It will help to sustain your motivation and bid you to aim further.


5. Goal setting & progress tracking

Sometimes we can get lost in the journey especially if it seems long and we are new to it. In order to avoid this we need to establish three basic points:

- clear, achievable and well-timed steps,

- the way you are going to reach them,

- the way you assess their level of completion.

In spite of how complicated your journey might appear to you, my expertise is here to guide you.


6. Mutual accountability

Both you and I are responsible for accomplishing your transformation. Ultimately, you have to take action and be willing to welcome the changes openly. My promise to you is to guide you through the process by providing you with the training ‘road map’ that fits your lifestyle best and by implementing online mobile technology to make it easy for you to stay in touch and work towards the completion of your goals.



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