Achieving your fitness goals needs a holistic and well-rounded approach. It includes:

  • Initial consultation – setting your goals and targets, recording your fitness history and experience, determining your health conditions or limitations.
  • Static fitness check – collecting all relevant data about your body regarding your future fitness progress. This may include: heart rate and blood pressure, blood sugar level, anatomical circumferences, body composition analysis.
  • Fitness assessment – putting you through a series of fitness tests appropriate for your goals. Examples: 1 repetition max strength tests, core stability assessment.
  • Lifestyle appraisal – analysing your current lifestyle in order to find the weak spots that can hold your progress down. Subsequently, finding the solution to them.
  • Sessions – 1-2-1 when you will have chance to understand and comprehend the exercises and training tips for best results
  • Bespoke training programme –your personalized training layout adjusted to your current training regimen
  • Nutrition and supplementation advice – you cannot out train a bad diet. This part of the process is as important as your training and that is where I offer my advice based on my self-education, diabetic experience and help from Nutri Advanced Ltd – a leading natural supplement company with 30-year experience of working with healthcare professionals and their clients.


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